Monday, September 04, 2006



"Girls are like apples on a tree.
The best ones are at the top,
but guys don't want to reach that far
because they're afraid of falling.
Instead, they grab the ones near the bottom-
not as good
but easier to get.
The top apples think there's something wrong with them,
but they're really amazing.
They just have to wait for the guy
who'll take the time to get a ladder
and find the good apple."

This is something a friend told me about a year ago.

Interestingly enough, one might think I would have shared it with my daughter.

but instead, I shared it with my oldest son.

For those of you with teenagers, I think you can relate in the area of, "Are they even listening to me?'and yet hoping that at least we have planted the seed, so that they will hear our voice when needed.

Remember, I told him about this a year ago!

Right before we moved here with the last few days counting down, my son's friends were flocking and calling to spend time with him before they would have to say goodbye,

He had a good friend over (which is a girl) when a few guys called to see if he could go to the movies. These boys put my son in charge of calling all of the girls to see who could go.

After some calls, the venture was unsuccessful.

I then overheard him calling his guy friends and saying that no one could go because someone was having a birthday party.
They asked him to call the girls he knew from another school, which he responded with, "I can't get a hold of any girls from that school either."

I was appalled!

His friend, (the girl) who was at our home, listening to him make all of these calls was sitting right next to him.

I finally called him on it.

I said, "What do you mean you can't get a hold of any girls from that school...THERE'S ONE SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!"

He looked at me and said, "Mom, their looking for girls from the bottom of the apple tree not the top!"

I, of course am not proud that my son was looking for girls from the bottom of the apple tree BUT I am proud that he listened to me, he absorbed what I said to him on that day.

...and even more that he also saw that his friend (who we love dearly) is an apple from the top of the tree!


Mayberry said...

What a great story. Happy blog-day!

me said...

ok just the fact that he listened, retained AND repeated is enough. at that point i wouldn't have cared if the girls were already picked and in a bucket.