Friday, September 08, 2006

My son hooked up my hammock tonight in the backyard.

Once he finished he came in and said, "Okay, it's done!"

"Now can you drive me to the school dance?"

I said, " Hang on, I gotta check out your work"

Leaves were all over the top of the hammock and he left about 4 threads showing on the screw into the tree,
but I took him anyway.

I thought because we live so close to such a woodsy area that I would have to worry about the mosquitos (my hometowns state bird) but a huge cool front blew in this evening and now my paranoia stems from thoughts of ticks and spiders.

Can I even enjoy and relax on this hammock?

I'll have to spray it down first.

Now here it is 9:50, I am exhausted, my son needs to be picked up from the dance at 11 pm, which I had hoped my hubby would pick him up BUT he's already sleeping.

There is a part of me that devised this entire mental plan to go to bed as well but to put the phone next to him so that when it rang, he would answer and have to go get our son.

...but I couldn't do it. for some reason, I can't play games like that with my hub, I end up feeling bad. I think that's the middle child in me.

Especially if he got up and went and didn't even wake me could I live with myself?

So I turned to you to keep me awake. My guess is this post is probably me rambling on because I AM EXHAUSTED.
The time is now 9:59

My sister-in-law just called because they just left the American Idol concert in Texas.
She called me when Chris was singing because I loved Chris.
She said Mandesa lost a lot of weight and gave all the props to God
Kelly Pickler had on a great jacket with a rhinestone cross (I think she wore that on the show)
my niece shook Bucky's hand and he sang a song from Grease
Paris sang really well ( she was in my bottom 2)
I think thats all she said.

They had great seats 4th row floor.

she's sending me pics tomorrow.

Okay .....I'm fightin' my sleep.
so wish me luck.......I have one hour to stay awake.
The time is now 10:07



Mega Mom said...

I miss you all so much and am glad to finally be catching up. All my best to everyone!

On top of my game said...

How was the dance? Next post???

Did you see Midwest has signed off???

She's been riding a blog about Italy, check it out.