Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today was much better

Yesterday was draining.

It involved my youngest losing it when I dropped him off at school.

In hind site, I now realize that I allowed the entire scenario to escalate to a level that will never happen again.
My heartstrings were pulled to a degree, where they almost popped when my son told me that he didn't like lunch or recess.
Realizing that he doesn't know anyone, realizing that I do not know anyone, and knowing that my two middle schoolers are definitely just going through the motions. My oldest was fortunate to have come here a week or 2 earlier than the rest of us for football camp. I am sure that those first few days were difficult for him, walking in to a group of boys who have probably all known each other since pre-school, as a sophomore. In fact my husband told me that the first night they had a gathering, all of the boys were talking to each other and our son stood alone. (Thank God I wasn't there)
This is our life though, and I can only fall back on

"That which doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger."

Our son now has a social life pretty equal to what it was a month ago.

My other 3 cannot possibly see that vision yet. But it will happen.

I know exactly how they feel. I also miss my friends. I just do not have the luxury of sitting in a corner depressed about the new life we have. I have to make this a positive experience for my children. While at the same time allowing them to grieve their losses and realize their gains. Balance. I know we will be happy here. It is a great town. It is a great neighborhood. It is only a matter of time.

I compare these moves to my pregnancies. Ironically enough, I have had 6 pregnancies and 6 moves. Although I have only had 4 births, there was pain involved, but with that pain came little human beings that have enriched my life with many blessings. With every move, it has been difficult AND painful, but with every move we have made friends who have enriched our lives with many blessings. Giving birth or moving away are both physically draining, painful, & emotional, yet when it's all over you see the beauty and the understanding of why:



Mayberry said...

I'm sorry yesterday was so bad. As hard as it is for your kids, they only have their own experience, but you have stress x4 as you worry about all of them in addition to your own adjustments. I hope things continue to improve!

tess said...

Poor little boogernose! (that is what he wanted his blog name to be, right?) My heart goes out to you all as you adjust. Knowing you the way I do...I think things will be just fine in no time!! BEST WISHES!!

Nicole said...

I love how you always seem to keep a healthy perspective even with all the challenges you've gone through. You are a great example for your kids!