Friday, November 17, 2006

Today in my house....

Today my 14 and 8 year old boys were arguing over my 8 year olds Nintendo DS.
I made my 14 year old give it back and then the accusations began of how we always cave
for the 8 year old. They started talking about how in the past scenarios one didn't want to be hit by the other.

Mom chimes in:
" hit each other?


"Why would you want to hurt each other like that, (I ask the 8 year old) Has he hurt you before?"

8 year old:
"Well... sometimes he verbally hurts me!"

Then I state that I am heading out to do some errands and that my 14 year old can play PS2 until I get home.

14 year old:
"I can play that anytime I want!"
"That's not what I want to do" (he just wants the DS)

So I tell him to do something fun because when I get home we are going to rearrange the basement.

14 year old:
I can''s against my religion.

"Well if you want to celebrate your religion so much then we can go to confession on Saturday!"

14 year old:
"No, It clearly states in Phill-O-pians 4-13 that furniture should not be moved in a basement."

By Phill-O-pians you must be referring to the tube where the sperm meets the egg?

My daughter just sits back laughing hysterically.

Yes, the kids are out of school today for conferences. We still have the weekend ahead of us.


Lisa said...

Phill-O-pians... heehee. Love it.

Also, PLEASE document your kitchen progress. And yes, I totally agree. We plan on being in our house for like 10 years or so. I can completely understand why you wouldn't want to sink alot of money into the house stuff if you don't plan to live there that long. The black formica sounds awesome!

MommyWithAttitude said...

Oh that's funny!

Now that my kids are getting older (and I have been waiting for it because I thought life was HARD when they were babies!), I'm finding that their arguing all the time wears me out way more than the sleepless nights ever did!

Mayberry said...

Maybe I should pull my daughter out of RE if it is just going to give her fodder for arguments later!