Sunday, December 10, 2006

Are Practical Jokes funny?

Not when the jokes on me!

I grew up with daily pranksters in my home, so I can run with the best of them.

Always feeling a little skiddish about turning the corner and never knowing if your brother
was going to pop out with a gorilla mask, or even better out of the shower when your peeing. They were always hiding in the closet or the garage, under the bed, it was quite nerve racking. However we always ended in laughter.

So far the boys in my home have really only "pranked" each other.

Until today.

My daughter put her hand on something sticky on the counter and walked over to the sink to wash her hand off. I however am pleasantly sitting at the island, enjoying some leftover pizza. when all of a sudden...

I was shot in the back...

FREEZING cold water! I immediatly scream at my daughter..."WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
My back is to her and I can't even look behind me because I am so wet that as I turn, the cold shirt touches new skin. She yells back, "It was Alex!!"

Alex is in the other room watching TV so ...NOT BELIEVING HER!!!!

I get up go to the sink and this is what I find:

Thats right's a wine cork taped to the back side of the water sprayer. So that any hopeless victim who turns on the water...should get it right in the face.
EXCEPT for the fact that my daughter was standing off to the side of the sink and I was dead center.

What do I do? I make him stand in the corner. My 14 year old child.

Why? Because I didn't want him to see me laughing! I called my husband in to "tell on him" like any mature mother does who's just been punked. The hubby bursts out laughing...thanks babe...for the support!

What he doesn't realize is that I have a lifetime of experince with retaliation.
All I can say to him is watch your back son...just watch your back.
Revenge is sweet!


tess said...

My son does this to me every April Fool's Day and I fall for it every time!!!

julie said...

tony would be so proud!!!