Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Favorite Holidays











Haaaaaaaappy New Yearrrrrr!!!!

This is my favorite Holiday.

New Years Eve
It's a holiday that my family has always celebrated big every year of my life.

When I was young, we would travel to San Antonio to visit family. My Uncles and Aunts would spend big dollars on fireworks,
I mean hundreds of dollars. We would always receive a new outfit on Christmas to wear on New Years Eve.

My grama always had a saying that whomever you brought the New Year in with would be a part of your life forever.
The new outfit was suppose to help in the blessing of your wardrobe for the year. I really only do it for my daughter and I now but everything is new right down to the underwear. We also eat Blackeyed peas for luck and prosperity at midnight.
(so much tradition)

I absolutely love that midnight moment of the countdown, hugging, dancing and kissing.
It's a fabulous thought to me to think about how we made it through another year, together
getting ready to move into the next year with all of that thought of doing better, making changes, being the best person I can be.

I remember as a child, that we would countdown, scream, yell go outside, honk horns, my dad and uncles would shoot guns up into the sky (of course we don't do that anymore). ***Fireworks blaring ***

Then as I grew older my parents would do the hotel thing with friends and we would wait in the hotel room with everyone else's kids and then at midnight all the parents would come up for hugs kisses and joy.
They would go back to the party and we would go to sleep.

Once I was old enough to do the partying scene myself, I began making my own New Years memories. My best and worst memory was of a night at a club with friends when midnight hit, the music was playing, confetti and balloons came down from the ceiling. It was a heavenly moment. The worst part of the night were our dates...but it didn't matter with great friends around.

Then I got married. My hubby is not a huge New Years guy. But thats okay even though this bothered me early in our relationship, I have come to realize that he gives 100 % during the year so if my one night of the "midnight moment" doesn't happen every year then it just doesn't happen. The last few years we have spent it with our close friends in Illinois.

I have invited them all to our home in Wisconsin this year. I hope they come.

I can only imagine what midnight is like in New York because if I were there I KNOW without a doubt I would be front row and center to watch the ball drop.

Whats your favorite holiday?

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Mayberry said...

I have to go with the cliche and say I love Christmas. It has so much tradition and I love the music, the cookies, the decorating, and the presents!