Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Religious Education

Our children used to love Religious Education, (RE), CCD, Sunday school (but it isn't on Sunday's) whatever you would like to refer to it as. Each time we move we realize that geography renames a lot of what we know to be.

The last place we lived did not have a great program. In fact I pretty much paid 300 bucks for my kids to be babysat. So I opted out of it the next year. I got a lot of "looks" from friends.

We move and register the kids again. My poor eighth grader is in a class where the teacher has NO control.
Is he learning anything? Again...I feel as if we have paid to have him babysat.

There is not a choice with our 2nd grader because this is his first communion year.
My 6th grader loves her class and is actually learning. She comes home saying, "did you know that..."
My sophomore......he's got about 20 kids in his class and they are all his friends so he really enjoys going as well.
How do I help my 8th grader? We thought about pulling him out and seeing if he could help with one of the younger classes.
He doesn't want to do that because it falls on a different day and is after school. (it interferes with wrestling.) I feel like when you have a kid who is complaing that he isn't learning anything and that all of the other kids are soo disrepectful to the teacher that we need to find him a solution.

For now, I will leave him be...and let him continue getting through it the best way he knows how.
(I found this in his room, on a worksheet from RE) He's a huge fan of Slash.

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