Friday, January 26, 2007

How do you sleep?

I have a 15 year old son who has always struggled with sleeping.
When he does finally fall asleep it is usually in a deep deep sleep.

Normally when I say "bedtime", I get the rumble rumble under his breath of why
It's soo early...I can't fall asleep. It doesn't matter if it is 8:30 or 10:30 pm
he will still lay there for 2-3 hours.

We know that he has always been a bit of a recipe.
Lack of sleep or food is usually the reason why I may perhaps get attitude or the "talk back voice"
Although isn't that the case for most of us?

He recently came to me again about this issue.

My husband and I both feel strongly about the fact that there is no way
we want him to be put on medication.

We also know that you are suppose to eliminate tv, computer, and video games at night to aid in this area.
(some nights it works; some nights it doesn't)

He is a very busy with wrestling, school, drivers ed and his social life.
But this has literally been a struggle for him since about 18 months old.
He was my only child that gave up naps before most of his peers.

Speaking of drivers ed...He brought the subject up the other day because he said that his instructor
told the class that he takes Ny Quil every night so he can sleep. My son asked me if this was maybe
something he should try. :} NO!, she couldn't have screamed fast enough. We had to explain to him why it helps his instructor to sleep. Later, on another day not realizing that he was about to be taught a lesson, my son went on to ask for a coke before drivers ed. I said, NO, you will never fall asleep if you drink that this late. He said," instructor drinks a 2 liter every night at class......I told him's no wonder he needs the Ny Quil to fall asleep.

I was watching Rachael Ray the other day and she had a Dr on who wrote the book The Cure (not released yet)
and he said that brown rice and potatoes would help to cure insomnia. So I am going to try it tonight.
The key here is, he is a teenager...and if I tell him that this is why he is eating the brown rice or potato
then he will fight the sleep just to be right.

As a baby all 4 of my children fell asleep to the same cd over and over...I thought about putting it on and see
if he would fall asleep now without even realizing it. desperate times call for desperate measures.

If any of you have any ideas on what has helped you, please pass it on to me. I will try anything...except Ny Quil.

*added- I have always read & know that it is a common trait in bright children to not need as much sleep as their peers but the books don't ever offer the solution. He is a much better son, brother, friend, etc...when he has had sleep and food.



Nicole said...

When I was younger, I remember laying in bed awake for hours worrying about things...mostly school things. Do you think he's anxious about anything? I've heard that sometimes it helps to have a notebook by your bed and you can write down anything that's on your mind before you go to sleep and put it away...a psychological way to deal with it. But the music idea sounds good, too. Good luck!

me said...

I have the same problem with my oldest (almost 17). He has just always been a night owl. Even if he only gets a couple of hours of sleep the night before he will toss and turn for an hour or 2 before he can fall asleep. I think some people are just wired that way. If you figure something out please let us know.

I usually just try to combat it by making sure he makes up on his sleep one day over the weekend if it's possible. Although come Monday morning it usually isn't any easier to get him moving.

The Kept Woman said...

Have you asked his doctor about this? S/he might have some ideas other than medication. It just seems that if he's been like this for nearly 17 years there may be something going on internally.

I know they suggest routine at bed-time and that might help set his biological clock. After he finishes homework each night there might be some kind of consistant wind down time...chamomille tea too? Just thoughts but I know...being 17 is tough anyway without your buddies finding out you drink tea before bed...

movin'mom said...

All excellent suggestions girls,

I have taken a few measures to help him. For one,
I put his two brothers together in a room so that he could have his own room. We have gone back to last half hour before bed is reading time only. Weekends you can access myspace, aim time, etc...but during week it's reading time.

This is difficult for a teen because at 15 they are trying to really exert their own independence and become who they are. But if I don't give him the tools now, how will he learn?

mimi said...

My 15 year old son doesn't fall asleep easily, either. I talked to his doctor, who said it's very common for this to happen to boys. Who knew? Anyway, he recommended that we try giving him melatonin an hour before bedtime. It's available at health food stores - works like a charm. We use the liquid, though it's also available in pill form.

movin'mom said...

Okay so Mimi, is Melatonin like the thing that makes you tan?

I am chuckling a bit because of all 4 children he seems to be the one with the darkest skin....just wondered if it would make him tan too?

I am going to look into it. Ironically enough he is sleeping better now and his grades are back where they used to be.

Loved your site I will be back to visit.