Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday Night Fish Fry

Last night hub and I decided we needed to start having some one on one time with our kids.

First one in line, our 15 year old son. We thought yesterday was a big day for him because he got his permit.
As soon as he got home, I said,

"get ready, your going out with daddy and I"

his response, "What did I do? I in trouble?"..."How come I'm the only one?"

GEEZ...a little paranoid are we?

So we made him drive us to the restaurant...

buckle up, check your mirrors, slow down...put your blinker on....look BEFORE you change lanes...speed up....the speed limit is 25...slow down....okay scoot up....all the way up to the stop sign...put your blinker on...

In walks the waitress:
"Can I start you off with a drink?"

ME: "I'll have a vodka tonic with two limes"

HUB:" vodka martini three olives"

15 year old son: "I'll have the same"

Waitress: "a martini?"

Son: bursts out laughing..."I'll have a sprite!"

She actually sounded like she was going to give him one.

We have our artery hardening fish and back on the road we go.
Driving home was much easier for him. My hope was that the
comfort food would aid in his insomnia. We get home he gets his things ready
for his wrestling tournament today (5 am wake up call) and was in bed by 9:30.
I checked in at 9:50 and he was snoring away. I don't know if it was the fried fish
or the nerves and anxiety of his first driving lesson at night but he slept, all night.
My husband said he seemed very well rested this morning and in a good mood.
We'll see how he does in the tournament.

What to make for dinner????
perhaps a salad or fruit....It's time to cleanse!

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On top of my game said...

The driving back was much easier on him cause mom and dad were a little more relaxed (the drink!) That always does the trick to ease the nerves.