Monday, January 29, 2007

My biggest struggle in life

If this is my worst problem then things must not be so bad.

A former hairdresser...thats me....
Although you would never know because I NEVER get my haircut.
I have been through the bangs, bob, layered, shaggy, short, and back to long hair
so many times...and always end up with the pony tail.
Yes, the dreaded ponytail.
I really struggle with the whole trust thing. 9 times out of 10 my fear is supported by a screwed up funky
brand new hairdresser who gives me the typical basic cut we all learned in cosmetology.

I have tried expensive, trendy, name it...The thing is, I've been there, I know from experience
that most hairdressers with experience that actually have talent, are usually booked. So 9 times out of 10
I will get the "new girl" She may look experienced, she may look hip, she will play the game of touching my hair
and nodding as if to pretend to know what I want.

I have actually watched in a mirror while someone botched my hair...It's enough to drive a person to drink!

The curse of the "Movin' Mom"!

This is why I retired from the hair business. We would move somewhere, I would have to be that "new hairdresser" for a while,
then earn trust of people, start to build up my clientele, then the phone call would happen...and my hair cycle would begin all over again.

I worked while I was pregnant with my first and then did clients at home while I was pregnant with my second. Then it just became to overwhelming. Hair was everywhere. I had rules like only after five and on weekends...but then there were those male clients who would call and beg...

"please....I have a meeting....can you just squeeze me in?"

My response:
"No, I don't have anyone to watch my two little boys!"

They always said:
"I can bring my girlfriend, she'll watch them."

It was just easier to retire all together.
(middle children really struggle with saying no to people)

So here I am once again...I need a new do!

I'm sportin the 'ol ponytail once again and I need a sense of style.

any ideas??? I refuse to walk into a salon without a picture
(by the way, that's my big advice to you all)

Is it possible to send me a pic? I have never tried that on here before.
I am willing to go short but I do have a round face so go easy on your suggestions.

Therapy...this is why I blog!

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