Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's your favorite WIDGET?

CALLWAVE is my new favorite Widget!

It allows me to have free texting at a dashboard glance to my 15 year old son.

Because I am nearing a HUGE birthday...I blame every ailment I have on this fact. I have to have glasses to read.

Because I can never find those glasses, I have crossed every eye dr's nightmare by purchasing numerous pairs
of 3 buck magnifying glasses off the cash register counter of hardware stores and such.

It is difficult for me to text because I can barely dial a micro mini number on my cell.

Yesterday, I noticed that my son left his registration papers on the bulletin board in the kitchen, it was my belief that
these were due Monday...and when I looked at the calendar...it was Monday.

I just clicked on my dashboard; typed in the little white box; and within 15 minutes; I had a response in my inbox from my
15 year old saying he had another copy he already turned in.

Call me a bad mom for letting him text at school. But dang it...we live in the times of immediate gratification,
and I like my new widget!!!

Not really gettin the purpose of the whoopie cushion one but I'm lovin' the mastermind widget.
This is what happens when all of your children are back in school all day!!

There are so many out there I am sure I have missed some cool ones. So do share...

What's your favorite Widget?


me said...

you are sooo way ahead of me. Some days I wonder how the entire digital revolution passed me by. Oh yeah I was changing diapers :)

signed ...woman in a ponytail lol

L.A. Daddy said...

Things are changing way too fast. I'm still trying to figure out how to work my damn blog. Now... I know there are widgets for them, I just haven't figured out what they do and how to put them on.

As far as texting goes, I guess I'm old fashioned. If I've got a phone in my hand, I'm certainly not going to try to type out a bunch of words on a teeny-tiny keyboard... when I can just make the call.

movin'mom said...

LA Daddy- I was the parent who SWORE no electronic children. YET here I am texting my kids. I said no gameboys they all have 'em....Your blog is lightyears ahead of mine so I guess it's all in where we put our time, widgets are easy...a clcik of the button....so thats what I know.

I thought you'd have a LA hair idea???