Friday, February 09, 2007

as the sound of the drum roll begins...

The much anticipated...

moment my family has been waiting for,

In fact they were all quite perplexed as to why it had not yet happened

There are no photos

There isn't any proof that it really happened

And yet...

after coexisting in the same town for 6 months
(have I actually been here 1/2 a year?)

it finally happened.....

Movin' mom meets Mayberry mom

She is exactly as I pictured her
(I saw a picture on her blog)

She was as nice and personable as I thought she would be

As I was getting ready to leave my children all asked,

"Where are you going?"

ME: "To meet Mayberry Mom!"

KIDS: "You are...????

14 YEAR OLD: "What are you going to do if she is a jerky person?"

Me: "I know she's not jerky, by her comments that she leaves on my blog"

As I'm walking out the door (Movin dad's cooking for the kids)
they all look at me and say if I were leaving the country.

On my return, they were all asking, "how did it go?"
"Was she nice?" "What did she look like?"

I handed my 14 year old a plate of brownies and said,

"These are from Mayberry Mom, I guess she's pretty jerky huh?"

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Mayberry said...

When in doubt, always bribe with brownies!!