Monday, February 05, 2007

Health update?

So the phone rings...

"We've reviewed your tests and so far everything is normal, pending the last two tests."

I should be golden, right?
happy..thrilled, exhilarated,
well...if everything is normal...
and that's why we take tests, isn't that we pass?
Of course we want to hear that they are normal.

...but then what? Why do I have issues?
so as updates go...this one sucks!

I want to know I'm healthy...with answers!
So an update is an update...pending two more tests!



Mayberry said...

That is frustrating! Hope you get some answers soon, or at least some relief!

Nicole said...

Arrrggh! My husband and I were just discussing how doctors seem to be good at diagnosing things like bones sticking out but other than that, it's almost like voodoo! Well glad to hear the news is good so far. Keep us posted!