Monday, February 05, 2007


Well....I have neva...

Lived somewhere that closes a school down due to the temperature outside.

I believe at this very moment it is 15 below zero.

The decision was based on the windchill of 40 below zero.

What am I doing here? Did I mention I was a Native born Texan?
There is southern blood running through my veins.

I cannot believe that people actually CHOOSE to live here.
Don't get me wrong...I get the whole 4 season thing,
but in the month of February we should have a winter break.
We had one in Michigan. It was so nice to go from our December
holiday break, to February winter break to a April Spring Break
and in June we were done for the summer. They have it all figured out.

I'm a little envious of The Kept Woman who is also in Wisconsin and will be heading over to Texas
for a little getaway of her own.

There was a big thrill this morning when my kids woke up
and were all getting ready when my eldest woke me up to say that his friend
had just text-ed him to say that school was closed for the day.

We put the news on and it was confirmed.
(You could hear the roar of the crowd!!!)

Movin' dad was in the shower at the time so all 4 kids piled in bed with me
(which was a challenge since 2 of the 4 are 5'8 and 5'10.
He finally walked out and gave his stern..."It's 7:00, aren't you guys going to be late!"

I had already bet the kids, that their dad would still go to work.

Sure enough I was right. "Conference call at 8...gotta be there!" he said.
He does have a strong work ethic, but it would have been nice to have him home.

So at least I have the kids to keep me busy so I am not waiting all day for the Dr.
to call and give me my clean bill of health...
(that is Movin' mom's positive attitude)


Self Proclaimed Supermom said...


Nicole said...

Sorry to hear that you're so cold! It's actually warming up here this week and some of our snow is FINALLY melting. But there's a rumor going around that they're predicting a "100 year blizzard" to hit this month...

When will it be SPRING??????

movin'mom said...

this is a test...i heard you couldn't leave a message today????

me said...

even though I was born and raised in the bitter northeast, this winter thing isn't working for me either. and my kids had today off for cold as well, and already a 2 hour delay set for tomorrow.

BlogWhore said...

i stumbled her by way of... oh, i don't remember how i got her.

but it is nice to find a mommy-blogger from the midwest (wisconsin?!?!?).

yes, it is cold.

L.A. Daddy said...

80 here today.

I heard about the school closings (a friend in Ohio said their schools had also closed due to the temp.)

Of course, what REALLY cracks me up out here? Sometimes, the schools will close... because it rains. Rather sad, isn't it?

movin'mom said...

You west coasters...sheesh!

I think it was the wicked witch of the WEST who melted from water. Wasn't it?

Thanks for sharing your temp....have a cocktail out in the sun for me please!!