Sunday, February 04, 2007

Every family has their own way

I find this interesting because my niece and nephew were raised to call my mom Mee Maw
That wasn't even an option for me. Now that my little brother has a daughter and a son on the way
these are things that they are having to decide on. Since we are wayyy past that time in our lives we now realize that it's not as big a deal as we might have once thought it was. Here are a few things I remember being an issue
back in the day:

Zipper down:
boys- "The barn doors open"
After daughter :(In a southern scarlet voice) "The magnolia's are bloomin in the south"
(she loves this because NO one knows what we are talking about)

Do you need to go potty ?
(I still say this to drives them crazy)

Kids name for you:
Mommy &

boys: boxers
girls: underwear

grandma & grandpa
Great grandma : GG

words at bedtime:
I love you
sleep with the angels
you can put it in your mouth now...or later
(used it for their bottle and it still stuck as a ritual)

we always stuck with the clinical words
(which I am not typing as to not accidentally end up on someone's search engine)

Funny words my kids said that took forever to correct :

Instead of magazine -mazagine
instead of bored - bird
instead of shampoo- chahm poo
those little toy figurines- peoples

Love to hear what you all say in your home:
the game doesn't start for another 45 minutes!


The Kept Woman said...

Zipper down: "Fly's down..."

Bathroom: Do you need to go potty?

Kids name for you: Mommy/Mama &
Daddy/Dada (interchangable)


Grandma & Papa (his parents)
Gaga & Grandpa (mine)

words at bedtime:
"Who do you love?"

Privates: junk, stuff, pee-pee (VERY clinical terms...)

Funny words my kids said that took forever to correct :
Cah- Car
Cerereal- Cereal
Shit- sit (Took me FOREVER to figure this one out)
Fuck- (fork...this is a new one with Peanut...both my kids are bad with the "r" sound)

I love the blooming magnolia one!!! Too cute! When my girls are old enough to wear pants with zippers I might have to steal that one!

Mayberry said...

We call underwear "undies." I used to babysit for a family in which the kids calld them "panties"--even the little boy! which just cracked me up.

My kids are still little enough that everything is funny. For the longest time my daughter called waffles "coffles" and peanut butter "cheeeenit butter." Those were two of my favorites.

The seniors in our life (hee) are grandma & grandpa, grammy, and nonnie (great-grandmother).