Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Weekend

This is a weekend of bliss

my daughter and I are on the sofa, still in PJ's
(sharing an afghan)
I'm typing on the computer
She's playing with a DS

Brian's Song is playing in the background
(it's the remake and I'm sure you will all agree not as good as the original)

Movin' dad is at the gym with our eldest pumpin' each other up.
(excuse for not not joining them-waiting on a clean bill of health) :)

8th grader is getting ready to go swimming with a friend on a below 0 day! Crazy kid!!!
(on his way out the door- "Where's your towel?"- "Oooh good idea, mom !")

Little man is dying for me to take a picture of him since I took one of his
here he is:

Hoping all of your weekends are relaxing ones!!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Have a Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Keep us updated on your clean bill of health...I'll be thinking of you...