Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Housewarming Gift ?

A green thumb, I have not! I have pretty much killed anything that falls in the green plant family.

The day we arrived in our new empty home, we saw it. It was in the sun room. A beautiful tall green plant. Just sitting in the corner, as if it almost had a personality of it's own. It looked a tad bit lonely but seemed to be healthy, lively and green.

When my father died in the year 2000, plants and flowers arrived at my mothers home by the minute. But there was only one that was addressed to me. It was from my friend Gina. It has been 7 years and this is the only plant that still lives. It isn't always the healthiest looking plant but it is still green and growing.

I wasn't really sure if the plant that was left here was a housewarming gift, or perhaps just too large to move. What I do know is that I have moved it all around this room trying to find just the right spot and the leaves have turned brown, fallen off, and then back to green again. Now has a whole other issue...I think it may be depressed.

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