Thursday, February 22, 2007


I went to the library the other night with my two youngest.

One being 11 and one being 8, they obviously separate having different tastes in books.

I'm standing midway between the two when I see a young man (maybe a teenager) walk by wearing a Dallas Cowboy jacket. I do not know why he stood out to me but he walked right up to the librarian and asked for a specific book.
He seemed to be by himself, & I have know idea why I even acknowledged that.

Couple of days go by and I see him again at the grocery store. I think to myself, it's gotta be the jacket...I mean come on a Dallas Cowboy jacket is filled with an array of blues and sliver. It's the jacket, right?

A couple of days ago I pick my son up after wrestling practice. NO LIE, "Dallas Cowboy jacket guy" on a bike across the street from the red light we are at. Finally, I say something to my son. I said, "This is soo weird, I keep seeing this guy.

A Couple of hours ago, I pick my daughter up from drama class. I decide to go through the Mc Donald's drive thru.
I only ordered burgers for the kids. I pay at window #1. I pull up to window #2. There he is again, working at
Mc Donalds

I say to him, "Can I add a drink to that?"

He says,"sure, what would you like?"

I say, "a medium diet coke"

He puts it together for me and I handed him a couple of dollars.

he said, "That's okay, I got this one!"

A Free Diet Coke!!

Now things like this drive me crazy because I obsess about it.
Who is he...why do I keep seeing him....maybe I am suppose to meet him.

I want to add that as a native Texan I love a cup full of ice. I am sure it is because I am in the midwest but a big pet peeve is how fast food places have machines set up to drop the ice automatically. I have even taken the extra measure of asking for extra ice and have yet to get it. Tonight..."McDonalds Dallas Cowboy guy" filled my Diet Coke up full of ice. He's gotta be a Texan!!

How many people do we pass daily and never even acknowledge their presence?


Mayberry said...

It's small-town livin'! Know who I see everywhere? Our family doctor. Have probably seen him out & about more times than in his office!

Still, you should chat up Jacket Guy next time. Just ask him if he is from Tx!

Nicole said...

Maybe he's in love with you and has been stalking you in a subtle way since you moved away from Texas ;-)

But really, that it interesting...