Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Thursday Night of TV

First let me start out with Grey"s


& I do not mean the 2007 definition of Ballin'
1.) To play basketball.
2.) Living in affluence/wealth.

I am referring to the 80's version which simply means crying!!!


Sidney Poitier

Did anyone watch the Oprah Oscar interview thing? It seemed an hour wasted until the Sydney Poitier and Jaimie Fox interview.
If you've read my profile- Lilies of the Field is one of my favorite movies. In the Heat of the Night (not listed) also a fav.
When he said his favorite line in a movie was,
(to his dad in Guess who's coming to dinner)
"You see yourself as a colored man and I see myself as a man" (probably not exact)


I have always had such a sensitivity to the whole prejudice thing that emotions get the best of me.


L.A. Daddy said...

Ack! I'm on the West Coast. And it's starting right now. Spoiler Alert, Movin' Mom. Spoiler Alert! :)

movin'mom said...

I ground myself -so was not thinking

okay we're even...for the whole 76 degree weather you had!