Friday, February 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy part 2

I made a prediction a while back that I thought that Meredith's father was the chief....not Thatcher.

Last night when the chief was working on bringing Meredith back to life...there was a moment that Bailey was trying to convince him to stop and then the chief said, "This is Ellis Grey's daughter, this is my........" Dr. Burke interrupts him with trying to calm him down.

I haven't spoken to anyone who noticed that part.
I actually captured a clip from my tv to my isight but when I went to put it on YOUTUBE
I had to click a box stating that this was NOT from a TV show.
I'm so darn honest it kills me.

Did anyone else hear that but me?


Nicole said...

I heard that, too! I thought it may have been my imagination since it was so subtle but I bet it wasn't...

But really, could her dad be black? She is the whitest girl I've ever seen!

I thought the show was awesome last night....

L.A. Daddy said...

Okay, I can talk about it now! Good call. I saw it too. I felt like he was going to say that... but I dismissed it. I can't imagine that they would abandon the storyline with her current father. They would have no connection now that (spoiler) her mom is dead.

Anyway, we'll see, but it was an interesting... slip.

My wife was just happy that she got to see Denny or Danny or whatever his name is again.