Thursday, March 01, 2007

I always loved Lost in Space


Winter storm Edward has threatened 16 inches of snow.

ice sleet wind

This is the weekend that I was going to try and overcome my bridge phobia.

hem and haw hem and haw hem and haw

then while watching The Young and the Restless the word

BLIZZARD warning came across my screen. decision made!

I believe in divine intervention.

Not a good time to grow as an adult. I have feared bridges
since I was 10, I am almost 40...what's a few more months?


On a lighter note-

One of my favorite movies is Shag
with Phoebe Cates, Bridget Fonda
& Annabeth Gish who I just love.

I owned the VHS copy but ...the quality stinks.
Yesterday, movin' dad called me and said
he was at the hardware store and found something for me
to take on my girls weekend. He said that he knew I was going to love it.

I was picturing, an ice scraper, thick gloves, even snow shoes. I mean lets face it,
he was at the hardware store.
Then when he got home he pulled the DVD version of Shag out of the bag.
AAAAAWWWWWW, he loves me!
I immediately go into my southern belle lingo
which drives my kids crazy!!! They all look at their dad
with that look of, "WHYYYYY did you buy her that!"

-because he loves me!


Yesterday, I pull out of the driveway; looked out over my left shoulder, and there it was A BALD EAGLE!!

It was like time stood still!


me said...

aww sorry your weekend got cancelled. stupid's always wrecking everything

LA Daddy said...

I was a big Lost in Space fan, too. It was always on after school in reruns on basic cable. It was cheesy and goofy but it didn't take itself quite as seriously as a Star Trek did. And Mr. Smith was hysterical.

Snow? Ha. I'll be riding my motorcycle home in... let's see... a lovely 71 degrees, thankyouverymuch :)