Thursday, February 01, 2007

Not a whole to say but....

Every time I log onto my Blog the first thing I see are Lisa Rinna's boobs.
I gotta move her down a bit.

Today I am going to visit a DR.

This is my worst job in life. Keeping myself healthy.
I am a rockin' genius when it comes to my kids health.
I can tell when they are starting off with an ailment,
I usually know exactly what to give them....but me....
I'm on the back burner.

Movin' dad is also rockin about taking care of himself.
He is a bit of a health guru. HE used to be a powerlifter/body builder
so the whole eating healthy thing and working out is a priority.
He also gets into the Dr, on a regular basis just to make sure he
is in his best health.

Then there's me. This is where being an adult is such a challenge.
I have been having some issues lately which is why I am FINALLY going in.
I have to be there in an hour. I despise everything that goes along with
going to the DR.

Filling out the stacks of paperwork.

waiting for my name to be called

Getting weighed.

answering a million questions.

getting weighed

having to tell the nurse all my issues as she writes them down; only to turn around and tell the dr.
the exact same friggin thing as she writes it down. Is this a test? To make sure I am not making any part of my ailments up?



remembering all I have to say while the DR, is still in the room.

getting weighed

filling prescriptions...

more tests....

it's all just a big YUCK to me.

I can't stand that I have to wear glasses to read anything now. (putting that appt off too)

I need a haircut ( I put that off too)

Procrastination...definition: ME!

The fact that I am but a month or two away from another decade under my belt
it is finally time for my first mammogram.

Today is more of a consultation type appt.
Making sure that I will like this DR.
Getting everything scheduled, being an adult at least for the next few hours.

Shout out a prayer for me that perhaps my ailments are just hypochondria.
I gotta give a shout out to MOM-101
after reading her post I decided to stop
referring to Movin' Dad as HUB.

Tomorrow Movin' Dad and I are writing up our about being an adult!!!


me said...

sha, I just had to go to the dr, THAT dr for the first time in like 6 years. I was embarassed that it had been that long, but it was. It's true we always put ourselves last. Make this next decade (30 right?)the decade of YOU. Kids are older, take 5 or 6 hours a week for you. go to the gym, if you want. Or join something that you enjoy. Do something that is all about you. You won't regret it, I started last spring and now it is my priority and I am so much happier.

L.A. Daddy said...

Keep this in mind - you've got little ones who are going to be depending on you long, long after you want them to (mostly when they want to move back home after college) and you're going to need to take care of yourself to make sure you're there. To say no.