Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Choosing Battles

I always imagined that people who lived "up north" were well protected in the winter months.

Jacket+hat+gloves+boots+wool socks+long underwear= warm bodies

Until I moved here, and realized that eventually your body temperature adjusts, especially if you are a teenager.
I spent many years wrapping up my babies, zipping up my toddlers jackets, purchasing "cool" hats and jackets so my pre-teens would wear them. Now the expensive hip jacket from Zumiez that he just HAD TO HAVE...which lives in the closet and has only come out twice. But I'm just tired...I can't do it anymore.

I don't care anymore about the teachers who may judge me (because my kids don't have their gloves on at school), or the parents who look at me up and down (because I made sure I was warm in my down jacket, scarf, hat & gloves) while my kids sport their hoodies, Or the neighbors who drive by and see my teens outside shoveling the driveway and throwing snowballs at each other with their short sleeve Abercrombie
T-shirts, jeans and sneakers especially in 15 inches of snow.

Their crazy I know...but at some point in time we all have to choose our battles.

They make good grades...which would imply some % of intelligence...right?

They have both been tested and both rated very high in reasoning skills.

They eat their vegetables, drink their milk, wash dishes, and even do some laundry.
Is it up to me to tell them that they are cold?

At this age, my bigger concern is that they practice abstinence, that they "just say NO" to drinking & drugs, that they study and do well in school, that they choose friends who will inspire, nurture, accept, guide and protect each other. That they respect our home, their parents, their siblings and most of all themselves.

Don't get me wrong I cringe every time they walk out that door...my mind is silently screaming...."PUT YOUR JACKET ON!!!" "WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOU?" "YOUR GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH!"

It gets me no where.

I see boys that show up at school in shorts, even girls in flip flops, who am I to judge?

My 8 year old gets out of the car every morning with his jacket unzipped, no hat and gloves are in his locker if he needs them. Other children are all wrapped up where you can only see their eyes....but not mine...he's got a "cool factor" he doesn't want his hair to get messed up.

I am sure that I am judged
I am sure that my children are looked upon with a questionable eye
I can only say
that I am choosing my battles.


Mayberry said...

Mine go to daycare every day with no mitten because I can't deal with the fighting... I just hope we can get in the door without anyone seeing us.

me said...

actually the only people judging you are the ones without kids. have no fear, they smarten up. after years of "who needs a coat" my oldest bought the biggest darn coat I've ever seen, and wears it every day. middle son however? I have to BEG to wear a coat to wait for the bus, even when it's like 4 out.