Thursday, March 08, 2007

Part 2

"So how far apart will they be?"

14 months apart!

This was the most asked question throughout my pregnancy. People still ask if they are twins!
We were so excited to to be having two babies so close in age. My husband and his older brother
are only 11 months apart. My older brother and I are 13 months apart.

The biggest issue was deciding whether or not I was going to go the C-section route again. I wanted to make sure that I got to experience it all. Shouldn't I at least try? My Dr. said that he would prefer I go the same route but he would leave it up to me. So it went on the back burner, feeling like I had 8 months left to decide.

Each time I went to the Dr. I took my son along. He sat in the stroller with cheerios, little smokies and a bottle. I knew he was only 6 months old at the time but I brought him along for everything. He was there to hear the babies heart beat, he saw the sonogram when we found out he was having a brother, actually he was even in there during my pelvic exams. I just moved the stroller over near my head. He was very aware that we were having a baby. We had the books, and spoke about him everyday. He would feel the babies kicks and turnovers and hiccups.
We had stuffed toys that were immediately set aside for the baby. When we would clean I would ask him to put his brothers doggie in his room.

The main mistake (meaning if I had to do it all over again I would change what we did) we made was letting him sleep with us. Although during my pregnancy I slept a lot and if I laid down in the bed and fell asleep so did he.

So one night I go to bed, 34 1/2 weeks pregnant. Movin dad, our 14 month old son, and me in a king size bed.I woke up from one HUGE major stomach cramp.(or so I thought) I remember opening my eyes and looking at the green digital clock, 3:05 AM, I thought "Whoa, was that a dream?" Then I felt like I was having a bladder leak. I jump up and get over to the toilet which was approximately 3 feet from where I was sleeping. Our first home was tiny! Nothing really coming out. I look across the tile floor and see droplets of clear liquid following my path to the toilet. I thought, "NO WAY...that cannot be my water, there's no way!" But it was as clear as a window. Thoughts that maybe...just maybe I had drank so much water that day that my pee was clear. So I lean into the room and whisper to movin' dad...."I just got a huge cramp and some water leakage but I don't know if this is it"
His response, "SSSSHHHHHHH, your going to wake the baby up!"
He turns over and goes back to sleep.
I call my Dr's answering service and say, I need to talk to Dr. DeWayne but I am not sure if I am in labor. She asks my name, and the next thing I know, he's on the line half asleep. So I tell him. He says to me in a very calm voice, "I need you to get your bags and meet me at the hospital."

WHAT? It's too early. I'm going to be really embarrassed if it turns out to be pee.

He said," I have one more question, did you decide if you wanted to have him naturally or a c-section?"

I said, "Well a huge part of me doesn't want to miss out on the birthing process but I am scared to death of the pain."

He said, "Okay I will tell them to give you your epidural as soon as you arrive.

I said, "Wait....did I just decide? I thought I would have more time?"
We call friends to stay with our son who of course is now awake because if we were awake then he was awake.


All goes according to plan, they confirm that yes my water was leaking but no labor pains. So They induce me and when the Doc arrives @ 9:30 am he says that it will probably not happen until lunchtime. So he will be back and then we will get a pizza and have lunch together. He breaks my water more so that it comes pouring out and then leaves in his Ferrari back to his office. He wasn't even gone 10 minutes when the nurse came in and said, "What is going on the screen is going crazy out here" (She screams) AGGGHHH, i see his head , close you legs She throws my husband his scrubs like a football from across the room and yells out the door Get Dr. DeWayne back here now the babies coming out!

Hows that for keeping a mom to be calm. I was freakin.

It didn't even take him 5 minutes to get back (Ferrari I'm sure) and he was telling me to push. Out pops baby boy #2.

Here's the thing...Because he decided to get here soo fast, he tore me. Upwards and at an angle. He was only 5lbs 15 oz but he flew through and there wasn't time for cutting.

healing from a tear was a nightmare. It prevented me from REALLY bonding with him the way I did the first born. But He was so excited to have a brother. In fact, he has never known a time without him.

He was such an amazing sweet little boy. His shy smile could just melt your heart. He was very attentive and looked at his big brother all of the time. He had so much soul in his face. I was in love with these two little boys.

When he turned 3 months old we were told that we were moving to another state.

We lived with Movin dads sister and husband until our home was built. This was very difficult with two little ones. Especially when they both got sick for the first time together. Both demanding attention and needing to be held. Thats when I decided. We need to wait on baby # 3. I don't know if I can do it. Then as soon as my second one turned 26 months, almost to the day, I knew...I was ready. He was exhibiting a tremendous amount of independence and loved his nap times. He would even put himself down for a nap. Some times I would look around the house for him and he would be in his little toddler bed with the blanket tucked under his arms. I knew then...if he can do it then the oldest can do it.
Oh because did I mention...he (the first born) was still in our bed. I had to get everybody ready, scheduled and happy having a 3 year old, 2 year old and expecting baby #3.

part 3 coming soon


Nicole said...

Wow. That is an amazing birth story! I'm glad it all worked out alright. Just so you know, being cut is no good, either. With my first born, the doctor cut me so badly my husband almost fainted from seeing it (she didn't warn him first) and I was in excruciating pain for months. I guess there's no "easy" way to become a mom or be a mom!

me said...

yeah I love a good story