Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 3

Finding out we were pregnant again was an amazing feeling because I felt that we were back on track with our original plan.

6 weeks into the pregnancy, I started spotting. I was completely filled with fear. At the time, our brother-in-law that we had lived with for a while was doing his residency in Orthopedic Surgery. We called him on the phone and he said, "Call your Dr.!" He and my sister-in-law were at a formal function and he said they would be on stand by. We called and another Dr. was on call that I have never seen. My thoughts were, this cannot be happening, I have had 2 babies without any issues at all, how can I lose this child.

We drove to the hospital kids in tow, until BIL & SIL meet us there to take the boys with them. I was taken back to a room, waiting and waiting...No one was telling me anything and Movin' dad was still in the waiting room with the boys. The plus of having a Dr. in the family is that there is no waiting for an answer, you get the whole truth right up front.

I remember lying on the hospital bed waiting....crying....eyes sealed shut. I began praying, I needed my BIL to be there. To just tell's over...the babies gone.....or even better....your fine...go home! At that very moment I open my eyes and he was standing over me. It was such a peaceful feeling, even after the words he said,'ve miscarried the baby.

My Dr. said to wait until I had my first regular period and then we could begin the process again. 4 weeks later the stick was blue. Even better a few weeks later my sister-in-law found out that they were also expecting. Then a call from my brother that he and his wife were expecting...a couple of months later a call from another sister-in-law that they were too expecting. 4 babies...what a blessing!

The pregnancy was so touch and go, besides my paranoia that every cough or sneeze was going to cause another visit to the hospital, I had constant infections, spotting. The only blessing that came from that loss was that by this point my two boys at home WANTED this baby. They knew what had happened. They came along to every appointment once again, and heard the heartbeat. They were both with me when I saw on the screen that this was a little girl! A little a little girl. What would I do? I only knew boys.

Then we found out that SIL & BIL were also having a girl. We would sit around trying to come up with names for our two girls. We even had discussion that if anything ever happened to Movin' Dad (he traveled a lot) that I would move with them, and we would have a big ponderosa. BIL only had one week left in his residency when they went n vacation to celebrate. We were going to babysit their 2 yr old but I was spotting again. They were gone a few days when the dreaded phone call came in of my SIL saying that BIL was dead. It shook us all to the core. (a whole other post) Reason I added it was because we knew immediately that we would name her after him.

Right after we got back to town after the funeral, I started spotting again. The Dr. said go to the hospital. They put me in the same room where I had miscarried. The exact same room. I just begged God to let me keep her. I could feel a strong presence in the room with me. I knew it was my BIL.

I also found out that I tested positive for Group B Strep. My Dr told me he thought that this is why my second child was born 5 1/2 weeks early. He didn't want to take a chance with this one so he scheduled me to be induced on the same day that my second son was born 3 years earlier. I begged him to do it the day before. I wanted them to have their own birthdays. He finally agreed.

The day I went in I was so relieved to finally know that she was going to be okay. As I started the pushing, my DR. stopped me. He said there was a problem with the cord. "It is wrapped around her neck 3 times and also tied in a big knot!" I could not believe it....I made it this far....she made it this far....she;s go to be okay! He did a quick explanation of how he was going to get her out but that I may have to stop pushing midway. He was able to unravel her from the cord but the knot was so tight that he said one more day and she would not have made it.
I was so happy that I had pushed for the day before.

Her brothers were so excited to meet her. They held her, brought her gifts and just stared at her constantly. They still to this day are her protectors. She was definitely the easiest to bring home and enjoy. I believe that it is because the boys had each other to hang out with and play with that they didn't demand a lot of my time.

I had a dream when she was a baby of an elderly hispanic woman with a very dark complexion holding an infant in a pink blanket. I've always thought that she was the baby I miscarried. It gave me peace of mind.

Right after her first birthday (combo party with her 4 year old brother) We found out we were moving to Chicago.
We were there about a year when we found out we were expecting baby #4.

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Wow--an amazing and dramatic story!