Friday, April 20, 2007

Shopping @ Target

About every 3 weeks, I have to drive to another suburb to get to Target. It's only about 10 minutes on the highway if even that. One might think I bought lots of fun doodads by this photo...

...But it's really just a case minus two of Pellegrino. I crave carbonation! Living in a suburb of Chicago, you could pretty much purchase this stuff anywhere. But moving to a small town in Wisconsin, limits me to what I can find in the grocery store aisle. I asked once, and they responded with, " that that green bottle....with a bunch of writing on the label....we don't carry that anymore because no one ever bought it!"

So one day while shopping at Target....I spotted it on the top shelf. It was as if I had found a missing diamond earring in the back of my car. I was shrieking with delight. I bought all 12 bottles. I assumed that they must order only one case at a time, so I bought them all. This particular trip was not as successful. Someone else had slipped into Target before and bought two bottles from my case. So I left with 10. I am probably paying top dollar for it but I don't even care. It's a fix for me!

I like lots of ice and two limes! AHHHHH...refreshing!


tommiea said...

I have never even tried this.....and that sandwich looks yummy!

Arlene said...

I like the non-carbonated version...yummy stuff!
Fabulous birthday week?