Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just curious...

How many of you guys are going to Blog HER?

Feel my pain....
I was just watching Family Feud and the question of

"What age are you when you think you know it all?"

The number one answer was 15 years of age.

*I have a son who has been 15 since last July along with my second born who will be 15 in September. Two boys who think they KNOW IT ALL! I have no college degree in psychology nor do I receive a paycheck...But somewhere in there I should at least get a raise....no?
I am so completely checked out because we are in the down stretch of school. A week and a half left. My brain is disheveled with the dates and times of places I need to be. This is what happens with 4 children and an UN-organized mom. Throw in 3 field trips, 2 birthday parties & end of the year formal all in a week in a half and what do you get?


I promise to be a better poster/commenter when this ride has come to a complete stop.


Wendy said...

Wow! You are one busy woman right now! Good luck and chin up, it's almost over!

Kelly said...

I read this in conjunction with your post below. Oh my are you busy! But how fun that all your boy's friends come to your house! Is this what I have to look forward to?

I hear Blog Her is on the East Coast this summer, so no, I'm not going.

L.A. Daddy said...

I think this is why kids always think their parents are absent-minded idiots... we just get worn down with all the kid stuff that it slowly drives us nutty. No matter what you do or how organized you get, you're still gonna be swamped.

That's why kids look at their parents like they are on crack. And they won't get it until they have kids.

tess said...

Hang in there!! Just keep thinking about the summer ahead.

tommiea said...

sounds busy! My little boy already finished school and has started his first month of summer school....basically the same pre-K program year round.

I have a great calendar if you are interested!

mayberry said...

Hi -- chiming in late bc I just came back from NYC. Yes I am going to BlogHer, so let me know if you want to carpool! free gas & tolls - it's a business trip for me.