Friday, June 22, 2007

Fathers Day Weekend

Over Fathers Day weekend, we went back to Illinois. The pool we belonged to was our destination of the day. Walking into the pool was completely overwhelming to me. It was home. I truly felt like I was at home and just vacationing in Wisconsin. Everyone greeted us like family.

There is a cycling group who ride together every year on fathers day and then end up at the pool for whatever has been planned. This year it was a pig roast. Ironically enough the day before we had gone to a graduation party who also had a pig roast. Needless to say I'm all pigged out!!! The deal was, we paid 7 bucks a person and then brought a dish to pass. I brought a recipe my sister in law gave me called Black eyed Pea dip I will attach the recipe at the end because EVERYONE LOVED it. Even everyone's children, which is rare. So the big thrill of the day was that the guys had bought some kegs and one of these kegs carried root beer for the kids, the other...
Shiner Bock. A Texas beer that my husband and I love but it has always been local to the big state. Everytime my in-laws came to visit, they would bring Movin Dad a case of it. Well now apparentaly you can get it in Illinois.

So as the day went on an announcment was made that the food was ready. Movin' Dad happened to be at the keg at the time. As he turned, the table behind him had a boat load of red solo cups on it along with a dip that looked very similar to the one I had made. Movin' Dad decides to partake. a couple of chips later he realizes that this is someones table and this is NOT his wifes dip. :O embarrassment sets in.

One of our former neighbors in the old hood has a brother who is engaged to the former contestnat Leslie Hunt of American Idol

Well...she is at our pool sharing fathers day with her fiance and his family. (Our big celebrity siting) My plan was to have my picture taken with her to Blog about of course because doesn't anything out of the ordinary become a BLOG MOMENT at some point in time? I even thought that it would be funnier to swim up next to her in the pool and have my friends take the shot. But (A) I'm not really a swimmer and (B) then I would actually have to be in a shot in my bathing suit.

Then, my husband pointed at the table where he had eaten the dip and there she was.
It was her dip!!! I knew her fiance's sister so when we were in line to get food she walked pass me with her dip and said hello. I immediatly began apologizing for my hungry spouse. She said her parents were at the table and when he walked off her mother said, "Do you know that man?" She said, "Yes they used to live here and we know them" She was very sweet about it all and said it was no big deal BUT there was NO WAY I could then add sneaking a celebrity shot of Leslie.

As we were getting ready to leave, all of the kids walked us out to the parking lot. My 8 year old son's best friend stepped up to the side of Movin Dad's car window. He very calmly said to him, "Mr. Movin Dad, when you guys moved by far was the saddest day of my life!" My husband looked at him and his eyes were teared up. I still get choked up thinking about that.

But on a lighter's the recipe.

I'm thinking of renaming the dip a new name to go along with this story
any suggestions?

2 can of black beans or black eyed peas

2 can of white corn

2 can of yellow

rinse and drain

chopped red onion

chopped cilantro

1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 lime juice

garlic salt and pepper to taste

marinade in fridge
serve with scoops tortilla chips.


tommiea said...

okay, the picture thing totally reminds me of what my friends and I used to try to do in junior high. We would stand in front of some guy we liked and take a picture...all the while aiming at him! LOL...oh the memories of crushes!

btw, the recipe looks great, I will have to try it.

L.A. Daddy said...

Mmm. Must try the recipe! Glad you guys had fun. Usually when we go back to Ohio, it feels good for a little while and then we just want to get home. Hopefully you won't be too homesick!

mayberry said...

Sounds delish! I love the little guy's comment ... very sweet.

Arlene said...

Awww, that would make me tear up too!!
The dip sounds yummy!
You are so funny! I would have asked for the pic anyway :-D

L.A. Daddy said...

Hey, hope all is well... it must be the summer doldrums. Everyone is way too busy.

me said...

helo o o o o o......hope myspace hasn't sucked you in.