Friday, June 15, 2007



Although you would never know by visiting my blog. I feel like I have put off a tremendous amount of posting because my life seems to be monopolized by teenager monitoring.
Issues that come up daily, in the guidance department.

I could choose the easy route and just say no to all of their fun. That would make my life so much easier. A's a thought!

I can't do it. My job is to guide my children to make the right decisions not to just say NO and because I said so!
We have had many incidents in our home lately that are exhausting me. Some are boy/girl situations.....actually...they are all boy/girl situations.

It makes me think back to the day when I thought parenting was challenging...when my two boys were both in diapers., when I wondered if they would ever be potty trained..when they both started spitting...or even saying poopy head.
When I couldn't get them to nap anymore, or pick up their Legos that were spread out all over the place. It's hard to believe that I thought my life was exhausting, challenging. and couldn't wait to get through those stages. we are......we got through those stages.

This stage in our life is challenging. I am the one who is here all of the time. My husband is a great father but he isn't always here. He works....he works so that I can stay home and raise these children. I love him for that. I try really hard not to burden him with the small things that come along, but when it is a boy/girl thing....he has to get involved. My advice and guidance can only go so far with a teenage boy. They really have to hear it from someone's whose been there. I can really only share the female perspective.

The other issue is that I am not always so good with handing over the reigns. I feel the need to know HOW Movin' Dad is handling it. My issues not his.
His first initial reaction was to just ban the boy/girl groups from being in the basement.
I had to intervene~ "Yes, that would make it easier on us but how is that teaching them"

They'll just go to someone else's basement....right?
So we try to explain...detailed explanation. Why you cannot EVER put yourself in a compromising situation with a girl because it's human nature for things to progress.
(I'm totally cleaning this up for you readers)
But if anyone remembers a month or so ago, when I referred to an episode of Family Feud where the top 100 people we surveyed the age you think you know it all....

Number one answer~~~ 15 years old. (I have one who will be 15 in 3 months and one who is 15 for another month)

This is the absolute most challenging part of parenting so far. I have loved every part of parenting, I feel blessed to have happy, healthy, intelligent, athletic children. But this is hard work, mentally, emotionally, and physically (I have to stay up way past my bedtime)

I created a myspace to watch over my kids. Although my oldest is more into Facebook now....I still have to get the other one through his MYspace stage. So when you check back a few weeks from now....and this is the last post I've'll know.....
she's just monitoring her teens, because THIS is my life. This IS what I do. And to think...I have two more waiting in the wings, one just on the outskirts of teenage stage and one who will get there just when I thought I was all done.


tommiea said...

I don't think with parenting it ever gets easier. I was just thinking today that when I had one kid, I was stressed to the gills. Now with a 2.5 and 4 year old, looking back at one kid days...those were a breeze. I am in the potty training and "why do I need to ask you 10 times to do something" stages. Just when I think I have something handled well, something else comes along to replace it.

I can't imagine what it is like to have vent away.

me said...

(shaking my head in complete understanding) I have no words of wisdom. NONE, because I have gone to bed at night with actual, physical aches over dealing with my kids, Usually the oldest, and usually over battles with husband over how we should react to his unwise choices.

Some days, as much as I hate to admit it, I look forward to his going away to school in a year, just so I won't have to be so "hands on"..but womder if I am misguided in thinking I will ever be able to let go.

Oh movin mom, if you lived closer I would buy you a drink. lol

mayberry said...

This is scaring me a lot. But I really admire how seriously you take it and how you realize that actually teaching them is more important than just setting a rule.

The Kept Woman said...


I'm dreading the teen years...why can't they stay babies forever?