Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just being girls

I want to believe that I am not making fun here. I'm really just telling a story...a true story....that happened in my car.
Something I overheard while dropping teenagers off at home.

I picked up my son from a bonfire at a friends house. He asked if I could give 4 girls a ride home because they were all staying at a home 3 doors down from ours.

The entire ride consisted of a lot of giggling and remember when's...

"Remember when...your mom fell asleep in the bathtub and we had to get her out of there?"hahaha giggle giggle
"Can you even imagine.....falling asleep in your own bath water!" hahaha giggle giggle giggle

Another conversation the girls had amongst each other:
"Remember when I went to "joey's" house...and his house was decorated just like Pottery Barn.....and then I felt bad because I said your house looks like Pottery Barn...but he said....I don't care if you say that, it doesn't bother me!
So then the girl asks, "Have you guys ever been to Pottery Barn.....girls respond with yeah.........It's kind of a weird store........I mean there's not even any Pottery in there....giggle giggle...another girl then says, "yeah and it's not even like a Barn!"

So as they were getting out of the car I said to my son, you gotta introduce me to everyone. I mean for when I tell the Pottery Barn story. They all giggle once again. The next day, one of the girls call my son to ask if I thought they were ditzy...because of the Pottery Barn thing and the comment I made.

I felt bad. Which is why I held off telling this story.

But come on ...it's funny ...no?

I think it's just part of living in a small town. Most of the kids in the town we lived in before probably don't even think twice about the store names. Pottery Barn has probably been a part of their entire lives.

But to be fair....I do not think they are ditzy....they are smart beautiful girls who were just being girls!!!


tommiea said...

I would love for some girls to say my house looked like Pottery Barn!

Kerry said...

Too funny! Girls - even the smartest in the bunch can sound ditzy when boys are around.

Arlene said...

She pretty much had her ditz card stamped with the "And it's not even like a barn!"
I agree, just giggly girls, but yeah, it's funny :-)