Friday, June 01, 2007

Smile, Your on Candid Camera!

Is he praying, meditating, or or just deep in thought?

Last night we were at my daughters 6th grade choir program. (forgot to add that to my list of things to do the other day)
We were in a steaming hot gymnasium with the 6th grade choir, 6th grade band and all the parents, grandparents, & siblings you could count. I was initially taken aback by a comment the choir teacher made when the program began, welcoming all of the families. She then added that by us all being there meant that we actually cared about our children. (my husband almost didn't even go) My heart broke for all of the children who may not have had family attending. What was she thinking saying that out loud much less putting emphasis on actually caring about our children by showing up.

The program ran late because one of the soloist started to feel a little Queasy. Gee...could it be the 99 degree temperature in the gym or maybe it's that she was one of those children whose parents didn't show up?

Anyway, about midway my paper program suddenly became a pleated fan. Moving the warm air behind my 8 year olds neck. Why is it that in the hottest and most humid of temps, our children feel the need to sit in our laps or to lie their sweaty heads on our shoulders????

Back to the photo...Around the 5th song,as I wiped the little micro mini balls of sweat from my youngest' nose, I look over and Movin' Dad is
typing away on his blackberry!!! Or as I call it, his "crack" berry!
What do I do....I take his picture! Then we both just burst out laughing.

Which reminds me......

We are Sam's club shoppers. Movin' Dad and I differ significantly in our "shopping experience." If we were out shopping at the mall, TJ maxx, Home Goods, Outlet mall, I could spend the whole day there. Not Movin dad though. His big line is, 'I'm a buyer, not a shopper!"
HOWEVER...when we get to Sam's, I lose him every single time. He waits for every single sample he can get his hands on. As for me...I want to get in and samples. The kids are like their dad. They don't even like going with me. So a few weeks ago when we went to get the kids a trampoline, we bee-lined it straight to the outdoor play area. Toting along our flatbed. Well, it came in two boxes, so he got one on and we stood there staring at box #2 wondering what we would do. When all of a sudden Movin' Dad remembers he wanted to pick up some Boca burgers and will be right back. SO I WAIT!
I finally decide to leave the flatbed and see what is taking him so long.
This is what I find...

I snapped the picture and then went back to the flatbed. He shows up about 8 minutes later saying, "Oh man....I couldn't find these Boca Burgers anywhere!"

"AHEM!" I say.
So I say to him,
" the way...I forgot to show you this picture I took!"

I pull out the camera and we both just burst out laughing again!
His excuse..."Hey they had *Brats!"

" live in Wisconsin.....*Brats are not hard to come by here, it's what they do!"

*By Brats, I of course mean the shorter version of the word Bratwurst the sausage. When I proofread this post I realized that some may think I meant a BRAT as in a child with no upbringing, but I can assure...we would not be shopping at Sam's for one of those!!


tommiea said...

that does look like he is deep in thought!

mayberry said...

That's hilarious. Totally BUSTED.

tess said...

Went to Costco Saturday with husband and son. I'm ready to check out. (I'm with you, in and out). Can't find them. Then I see them racing by...hey let's go guys! Son says "we are heading over to the Begal Bits cus the BRATS are not done yet!!"

Arlene said...

I'm a buyer, and I hate looking around, especially when I'm in costco, and/or have kids with me!!!