Wednesday, November 28, 2007


There are those people who can walk and chew gum at the same time. Pretty sure I can do that but obviously moving and blogging are quite the challenge. 
This is probably the most prepared we have ever been. 
The windows were cleaned.
The carpets were cleaned.
The housekeeper has cleaned. 
The flower beds were cleaned up and had some mulch thrown on for a cleaner look. 
We have purged as much furniture and storage then ever before. 
Our realtor came by to take some photos so we could list. I must have heard her say a thousand times how organized I was. Everything in your home has a place. You are so ORGANIZED!!!
I chuckled out loud because two words I've never heard spoken together would have to be my name and organized. Those of you who know me personally would agree. 
When my 16 year old arrived home from school, I shared this little story with him. Knowing full well he would have a field day with it. But to my surprise his response was, "Mommy, your not an adjective, your a verb.
Okay...that was just a bit too much for me to process.
 "Come again, what does that even mean?"
He said, "Your not an organized person, but your really good at organizing things."
Well, I must say...I CAN pack a car. 
How insightful of my 16 year old to "know" that about me. I just love him.
Speaking of packing a car....has anyone seen that new game for kids by Cranium?

The whole idea is to set the timer and then pack the back of the car before everything comes flying out! This I would have dominated. Instead I had Monopoly with two brothers who broke my bank every single time. Obviously if "Cranium" created this must take some "brain power" to win.....right?


Kelly said...

Ah organized ... that my friend is the bestest compliment in the WORLD! Good luck!

Mayberry said...

That's very insightful of him!