Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's in a name?

Recently, I was asked how I came up with the name Movin' Mom.
If you read my Bio, you would understand. We move a lot.

I have tried numerous times to come up with something creative as a replacement. But to no avail, I remain Movin' Mom.
Then I realized, if I am going to continue to move every two to four years I am may as well keep it.

Then the unexpected occured. Something that noone could have imagined.

The phone rang... It was time! Time to make another move. Although this has to be a record. We have only been living here 15 months. The average moves are normally 2-4 years but 4 is our normal. We have only had one stay in Illinois that lasted 2 years.


Here's the plus, Movin' Dad and I have both decided that we are done!


Over the Thanksgiving holidays, we will be traveling to our 'ol stompin grounds in search of the perfect home.

Not just any 'ol perfect home, "OUR PERFECT HOME."

We have never purchased a home with the thought that we would grow old in this home. We have always had to prioritize our needs based on resale of that home.

This time will be different.

This could very well be the home that I become a mother of not only a graduate but 4 graduates.
A home where I may become a mother in law, a grandmother, and so much more.

A home where if I want to paint the walls black....I can.
A home where we can actually bury a time capsule in the back yard and know that one day in the future we will dig it back up.
A home where I can have mailing labels and stationary pre printed in bulk if I want.
It will also be the last time that our close friends and families will have to scratch out our address in their address book.

A home where we can say....WE'RE HERE TO STAY!


I mean.....OUR HOME!

*sidenote~ I wouldn't really paint the walls black....but I could if I wanted to.


Mayberry said...

We are going to miss you -- but I am happy for you that your long trek is almost over! No more movin'!

Kelly said...

How awesome - share pictures won't you? Glad you're ready to settle down! LOL

tess said...

HOORAY!!! I could not be happier that you are MOVIN' back to the "Mitten"

me said...

many congrats on putting an end to the movin....may your search for your "home" be swift and

Happy Turkey Day!

L.A. Daddy said...

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that you'll be living in Michigan. As someone from Ohio, I can't imagine a worse fate (Go Bucks!)

The good news? Because people there are so stupid, you can really get a great deal on a house. You can buy a fourteen bedroom house for, like, 98 dollars and a few food stamps.

Congrats and enjoy!

Meritt said...

Smiling... both sad and happy. We move just as much but we've been 'stuck' here for 3 years now when it was promised it would be a 1 year relocation. WRONG!

And NOW guess what's happening? Roots are growing. Gulp.

tommie said...

Good luck with the move......we are right behind you with a move in summer 2008!