Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Vino or Cerveza?

One might think that alcohol content is commen sense.
In fact, my guess is wine would seem to have a higher content.
But according to my son, in high school health class they are taught that it is the same.
One glass of wine = One bottle of beer
In the continuation of my alcohol detection home testing project! (it all sounds so official)
And to bring those of you who do not want to have to back track up to date on my last post.
I registered a .03 after drinking two beers. Last night I had 2 glasses of wine, 30 minutes later
I blew into the "ALCOHAWK" and it registered .08 I was legally drunk.

I informed Movin' Dad that this was such an awareness project for me. I can see now how when I meet my girlfriends
out for a drink I am going to have to stick with a brew as opposed to the vino. Well at least if I'm driving.

I guess not knowing in the past is a bit of a denial. Kind of like not looking in my checkbook and just assuming there is still money in there ;)

Now I know and now I must be an adult!

"Could I get a couple of Coronas with a lime over here ma'am?" said the girl who was driving.


me said...

after reading your last 2 posts, I swear you live my life a year after me. sorry....

i struggled so much last year with my oldest, while I knew i had to give him boundries, it seemed like not so long ago i was 17 and we would all hang out after work and sneak a drink. and i lived to tell the tale. it's so hard to remain parental and calm and cool at the same time...but here's to moms who try.

(raising my Corona, cause I have to go the bank

tommie said...

dang.....just catching up with the last two posts...Mine are only 3 and 4, so we haven't gotten past chocolate milk. But eeekkks, is this what I have to look forward to.....

BTW, if I have to drink beer, I am a total Corona girl with lime. But I am so paranoid when I have to drive that I get a soda water with a 'twist of lime'.....but I think I just like saying 'twist of lime'....then I go home and have a glass of wine!