Sunday, February 24, 2008


I missed posting for so long and so much has happened since that I am literally dumbfounded as to what I should share first.

If only I had a voice.....I'd put it to song.
I know I cannot possibly remember the wonderfulness and the not so wonderful in it's proper timeline......
I believe that was one of the plus' of posting my life.......documenting the life of a Mom, the good the bad and the ugly.
As it happened day by day.

Although when it got a little ugly, I couldn't post. I found that there are some things that I have to keep private.
I guess that is what makes me an amateur, huh?

I mean a real writer would just put it out there....right?

All I can really say in a nutshell is TEENAGERS.

I'm not ready to post about it. But I often would be a great book.

I think I am going to name it

"The many shades of gray"

After all, raising Teens isn't so black and white.

I feel the need to add.....I've got GREAT kids
So why am I posting about something that I am not even ready to post about?
Let's just change the subject.


We got a Trader Joes here and LIFE IS GOOD!


When we moved in we got new counters, everyone was shocked that we weren't replacing the stove.
Our theory was if it ain't now the saying.

So the granite was cut and when they went to hook up the gas, something went very wrong.
We called the warranty company they mailed us another stove. NO CHOICE! we just got what they sent.
It didn't fit. We were going to have to get the NEW granite cut again.
This has been a royal pain. So we shopped for the last 2 days and found one I LOVE. we are trying to stick with
oil rubbed bronze for the faucet and the cabinet handles and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND?
An oil rubbed bronze gas cooktop! NO LIE!
I cannot wait. I am really hooked on the whole copper accent look.

When it arrives there will be some kodak moments to share with you. Right now, it's a hole in the counter.
We are going on a month with no stove. Which is where the Trader Joes LOVE comes in.
I told my kids, there are cook books on how to boil water.....but is there one on how to cook WITHOUT boiling water?

I think not!

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tommie said...

My neighbor has that finish in her home, it is nice!

Write what you want, just glad to see you posting again!