Sunday, July 27, 2008

tormenting his sister

My daughter is about to be 13 in a couple of months. A few days ago she had some friends over. 3 Boys and 2 Girls to be exact.

As soon as they arrived, she made the introductions to our family and then off they went to the basement to make friendship bracelets. This did not sit well with her two older brothers who of course had to follow them.

First, her brother 3 years older needed to figure out the dynamics of the group. Who likes who and vice versa.

So he kept asking and refused to leave until he got the answer.
So one of the girls spoke up, "Well, G (my daughter) used to like him,
but he didn't like her back, NOW he likes her...(A LOT) but she doesn't like him back.

The poor kids stood there dumbfounded. My son looked at him with all the sensitivity a fellow dude can have and said,
"Ouch!.....been there....done that!" and off he went.

I'm thinking....not too bad, that was actually minimal torture compared to what she is used to getting from them when boys are involved.

I'm up in the kitchen making dinner
*sidenote- UP in the kitchen? Who says that? Well I can tell you I never did growing up in the south! I mean, I might have said,
"Up there in them there hills".....but NEVER Up in the kitchen. Of course....we didn't have basements in the south. So anyway...

I'm up in the kitchen, thinking full well that she's dealt with all the embarrassment she is going to have to deal with when what do I hear....

My son yelling down the basement stairs, "G, you forgot to's really starting to stink up here........can you please come flush?"

I was mortified for her.

She of course took it with all the laughter that the boys took it with and yelled up to him......
"I gotta give you that one Alex.....that was one of your best!"

I love that moment when you realize that your kids are growing up and actually might even be friends!

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Mayberry said...

LOL! Good one, Alex.