Friday, August 08, 2008

How do I teach my children?

There was a time, not so long ago, when I could teach and guide my children. A time when what I said, actually seemed knowledgeable to them.

However, there have been a few subjects that (because I am a mom from another place and time) I just "don't get it!"

For instance, the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky incident. It definitely changed the thoughts of our youth on the definition of sex.
I can preach and preach and guide and talk and put on my most knowledgeable advice hat, but I speak to deaf ears.
As a mom, you just know when you are speaking on a right vs wrong subject and when there will never be an agreement on both parts.
Now this isn't just with my own children. I have heard other kids in our home's opinions and it seems to be that they are all in agreement with the former president.

Oral sex is not sex!
(YES IT IS!!!)

Now don't think I haven't tried to do my research. I have looked for every and any example/book I could get my hands on. I watch Dr. Phil's episodes when he has had Dr's and men of the church on all discussing the issues of todays teens and their promiscuity. I have asked my most spiritually educated friends for guidance in the Bible. HELP, it has to be in there somewhere.
But nothing comes to me.
It always falls on you just shouldn't do it.
I need concrete evidence people!
My two older boys are extremely intelligent. Unless I can open up the Bible or have someone significant in their eyes (there was a time that person was me!) have a convincing argument, this is just one of those things that is generational.

It makes me want to have a conversation with Bill Clinton and have him perhaps do the damage control by publicly going to high schools and speaking to our youth. SOMEONE......SOMEONE out there must have the answer, but it has to be an intelligent one!

Yes, I bring up an issue from years pass. Because this is a now issue for me and i still have two more children who will become teens after I get through these teen years with the boys.

My issue now is politically connected as well.

As I recently updated, we are now back in the Detroit area. Yes...Detroit where our mayor is in the national media! OH...Not just in the national media but in the Wayne County jail as well!

Here is a man who perhaps feels he is above the law. I don't know him personally however...he has been allegedly dishonest.
Allegedly cheated on his wife and lied about it in a court of law. Allegedly left the country when he was ordered to not even leave the state.
Here is a man who gets angry and aggressive with the media. Who wants the media to leave his family alone so THEY can heal.
When he created this scenario. I do not understand this way of thinking. I want to make sure that the law holds him accountable for his dishonesty. How am I suppose to teach my children right from wrong when people who are in the media, political figures, celebrities (Jamie Lynn Spears) are screwing up and not being held accountable?
Yeah I threw that Spears girl thing in there because I have a daughter who will be 13. It's one thing to screw up and take care of your business but a whole other thing to make the cover of OK magazine for it!!!

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