Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Trip to Chicago

We recently took a trip to Chicago to check out Loyola for my son. He brought his best friend along. I must say, I loved it, he loved it and even husband loved it. We haven't really all 3 liked the same schools yet. Loyola was our 5th school to visit. It just seemed to be the perfect fit for him.
We drove around the DePaul campus before heading over to Loyola but as we entered the neighborhood my son said, "Don't need to look at this school!"
His opinion was based purely on the amount of Obama posters hanging EVERYWHERE!
You see, my son is a DIE HARD Republican. It almost made my husband and I chuckle a bit.
I am not sure when it actually happened...the little boy who made me a mommy finding his opinion.
But an opinion he has. He will debate the right from wrong with the best of them.
The smile on his face as we pulled into the Loyola neighborhood and saw McCain flyers EVERYWHERE was priceless.
Not that this alone is what he based his opinion on.
Because it really doesn't matter where we like or what majority political party is represented, he is choosing his home for the next few years. I believe that one of his top requirements is a big city, and who doesn't like Chicago?

I kind of felt like I was with bodyguards. Here he is with his dad and best friend walking the campus.

As we were leaving, we spotted a fox right outside the door

The trip was not all about him. We were able to visit with friends and see my MIL who just happened to be there visiting her best friend.

here we all are after lunch

Our family loves Chicago. It is my guess that one day...after all of the children are gone, we will be one of those hip retired couples who have a condo in downtown Chi town. Hopefully with any luck, all of our children will raise their families in the same area. If not...I'd settle for visiting them in Italy or Hawaii or someplace like that.


Mayberry said...

What a great picture! I can't believe you saw a fox.

Just kidding. I loved seeing the whole family! It's so exciting that N. is thinking about college.

Mayberry said...

(Sorry if this is a duplicate comment)

I love the picture! I can't believe you saw a fox.

Just kidding. The FAMILY picture is adorable. Sounds like a great trip!