Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is pretty much the dominating factor of my life. I'm changing this today.
Only to come back to Blogger. I miss writing/typing daily and reading everyone's
stories. I'm not sure how many of you are still here but I'm going to find you guys

Don't get me wrong... I realized that I am just trading one addiction for another. Sitting in front of the computer and multi-tasking housework between computer checks. But I realized I have been watching the clock and time is just passing me by.
I have been making changes and feel very confidant that I am going to stick to these newly found activities along with some of the old.

I have been in Yoga for a week now and feel fantastic. I actually found a friend who is at the same pace that I am at. We went on a "stroll" the other day and we walked at an even pace. You know people like this are very hard to find for me. I always seem to befriend the health fanatics, the ones who can actually do the elliptical machine. This woman is NOT me nor is it my new yoga friend.

2010 has got be it for me... BIG CHANGES...

stay tuned...
I will be back tomorrow!


Mom101 said...

So nice to see your name pop up in comments again, Movin' Mom! It's like an old friend waving through the ether.

Wishing you luck in keeping all the resolutions you seek to keep.

mayberry said...

Yay, so glad you are posting, and that you've found yoga. It's my favorite form of exercise and the only one I really truly enjoy and look forward to doing. (But walking with a friend is pretty great too.)