Thursday, September 23, 2010

Numero tres photo

Vino & Gizmo
The day I found out how to achieve this color with my camera... was a great day!
It's a black and white photo with a sepia tone. Isn't it lovely? 
A friend of mine posted a similar photo on facebook and stated how she had just learned that her camera could do this. Not photoshop... but her camera. 
The great thing about this friend is that she told me where to find the information on how to change my settings, as opposed to just giving me the "cheats" I need that kind of teaching (hands on) you know... because I'm handsonmom? It's how I retain information...otherwise... I would continue to ask her how to do it. I do admit... it got old fairly quickly when every shot I taking was black & white with a sepia tone. 
I was basically only impressing myself! 
Then... I found out the settings for a fast acting sporting event. In order to test it out, I had my kids jump off of the stairs and into the air. I must admit... we were all in hysterics. 
all I asked him to do is jump...

Then his older brother got involved in test photo shoot... I must admit... I've got some creative minded children. These jumps were all spontaneous. I was just snapping... (and laughing) 
I was a tad bit concerned for my life here!

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