Friday, September 24, 2010

The simple life of a point & shoot

These are all photos I took of my son at the beach with my Nikon P80. One might ask, why take this camera to the beach when you have a canon rebel? The only answer I can come up with is that I have a relationship with this camera. I can literally whip it out and take a shot without a second thought! I wanted this camera because of it's 18x zoom. Although these are not "zoomed photos" I was able to just whip it out and take these shots. I wasn't worried about my F stop or ISO or getting sand in my lens... you get the picture. (ha get it... get the "picture") Well I did... but then I wonder... would this shot had been 10 times better had I brought the higher quality canon? 

I mean let's face it... the subject I was photographing isn't exactly chopped liver.

He does work with me on shots, and is quite good at it! 

-so is his shadow-

wish I could take credit for this pose
I like to call this one his baywatch run! 

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mayberry said...

Love seeing all your photos--glad you are back!