Wednesday, April 26, 2006

(: HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY :) with a slight chill



The man who invented it doesn't want it; The man who bought it doesn't want it; the man who needs it doesn't know it.
What am I?

I was one phone call too late for this on the radio yesterday:( but I got the answer correct :)

What do Pink, Christina Aguilera, & Elton John all have in common?

Who's my favorite American Idol??

Chris Daughtry
uh huh yeah yeah thats right yeah yeah----

and yes Elliott also did a great job!

My guess is that Kelly may be heading home- messing up one week and knowing it-cute,
messing up a second time - hit the road baby!
I still am not a Paris fan so she could leave too :)
Taylor is a doll but is he REALLY American Idol material??
Mc Pheever is really pretty and seems to have the personality to back it up I liked her singing last night
that dog pound guy was not too nice to her! AND let us not forget...did anyone else see her fruit of the looms like me?

You know this was just going to be one riddle.......but once you start typing the thoughts don't stop!!!


Mom101 said...

I don't watch AI...but I do read my blog comments. Yours is amazing. Thanks so much for that. I even tried to email you but you're all fancy and anonymous aren't you, with your no-email thing happening here.

Anyhow, thanks. Words to live by.

Nicole said...

LOL! Very funny. I'm in agreement...I love Chris (I can't believe he was bottom 3 last week!), Taylor (yes, I believe he is AI material ;-))and Elliot (he's awesome). McPhee is also a strong contender. I can't believe ding dong Pickler is still in the running!

I just finished my laundry..nanny nanny fu fu!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

What are the answers to teh riddles??? Did I miss something? Did you leave me hanging???

I LOVE Chris' singing. Love it, will buy tickets and get a babysitter when he tours my area. No kidding.

movin'mom said...

I will so be at the same Chris concert!!!

Okay here are my answers:
first riddle -------------a coffin

second riddle-----------they all three just got married

I thought there would be a few guesses; you gave up pretty easily.

I will try and blog tomorrow with a little more substance!

MrsFortune said...

I'm sooo with you on the Chris thing. And Katharine? Um, was it just me or were her boobs practically falling out of that school-bus colored dress? And did you catch that semi-crotch shot? We did see her underwear, totally.

Romancing Simplicity said...

I was scratching my head forever on that and cannot believe it was a coffin. Obviously I'm not very good at riddles!

Thank you very much for your heartfelt comment on my site. I'll finish the story, but it always means alot to know that someone thinks you made the right choice. It's a hard situation to walk away from. I hope that the women you've know (or do know) in those circumstances find a way to let go.

Hey, did you ever find out what type of bird that was?

Amanda said...

I was going to try to guess your riddles, but you gave them away! Oh well. :)

I don't watch AI, but I do hear about it every morning on the radio. I think I might be the only person not watching...

Have a good day. My Thursday 13 are up is you'd like to stop by!