Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Countdown Begins

I am almost there. Our pool opens in just 2 weeks and for those who do not know me I live at the pool.
In order to do this I have 2 weeks to get it all together at home. Cleaning, painting, organizing, gardening, and PURGING!!!

Of course purging would allow all of the rest of my tasks to flow with ease. But what am I doing? Blogging! I'm such a procrastinator. The laundry room is finally painted, and just needs it's final touches of love decor. Finalizing this task will mean adding on another task LAUNDRY!

There is a hideous bush outside that seems to be dying! It seems to compare to the same size as a VW bug. However the sun is shining and I need to just grin and bear it. PLUS I get to use the electric power shears. This could be therapeutic!

I did host Bunco at my home last night
and I chose a poetic theme. As it turned out it was quite hysterical. A lot of the women decided to add their own personal poem to each gift. With each invitation I gave a different word. Each gift had to rhyme with that word. Throughout the entire week neighbors would approach me claiming that they had been given the hardest word. I ended up with a bottle of Strawberry Margarita complete with a little Jose Quervo already included. PERFECT for the POOL! This is what the poem was accompanying my gift:

What rhymes with BALL?

"Give me a Call?"

"Meet me at the mall?"

"Hey y'all, need any-



I know!
How about some

Cute huh? I thought so! My word that I had to rhyme with was BEE

So I typed:

The gift I give must rhyme with BEE
So I decided to get something FREE
I burned you Rod Stewart
multiplied times THREE
His "Great American Songs" CD

I only had volumes 2, 3 & 4 so I burned 3 CD's as a gift.

We had anything from photo boxes to drinks, massagers, KY warming gel
we had it all it was hysterical!

OKAY I"m done procrastinating my sister Bloggers
Wish me well as I go into my EDWARD SCISSORHANDS trance!


rhonda said...

Oh the pool! Can't wait for summer around here too :)

Chaotic Mom said...

Purge! Purge! Purge! I love purging.

Oh, and YES. Chopping trees is VERY therapeutic. I love doing it. I think my love for chopping things down grew from my disgust with another human being I was forced to deal with. She ticked me off one particular morning when I was gardening, I ended up hacking four half dead trees to the ground after talking with her. Not part of my original plan, either, but it worked. Funny, I still think of her every time I "prune".

I HAVE to get some good Bunco ideas from you. This one was HILARIOUS! I didn't get the full gist of it, though. I'm kind of feeling blah today... But I need to get a bunco group started around here. This place is too quite, the people I've met are way to reserved and need some "spice" in their lives. Maybe, we'll see. ;)

Mega Mom said...

I do know her in person and y' husband said he's never been at the pool when she wasn't there :)

Mom101 said...

Okay, do you know how few people in this world can use the expression, "our pool?" Very few. And those few do not, sadly, include me. Enjoy your pool.