Monday, May 15, 2006


There are times in my life when tomorrows are a mystery
Of where we call home or create family history
A simple phone call can change all our lives
From a new beginning with new scenic drives
Many people say,” We don’t know how you cope?”
Starting over again without any hope
Of Schools or Doctors, family & friends
We always rely on what others recommend
No it’s not easy when we have to depart
But the people we have met have embedded our heart
And though starting over has proven difficult
The bonds we have formed are the positive result.
My family is close and our love is quite strong
Because every travel we’ve brought God along
Our faith in his knowledge that there’s a reason for moves
To touch someone’s life, which in turn mine, improves.
The amount is un-countable of the signs he has given
The answers we’ve prayed for is why we’re so driven
To go and not question no matter how far
For a home is a home if we follow his star.
And though the distant family our children do miss
Their grandparents hug and even their kiss
God provides us with friends, we consider family
Who nurture our children their daddy and me.
And though tomorrow is a mystery to us
We continue to move on without any fuss
Enjoying our life, not taking it for granted
Keeping God in our lives and
Blooming where we’re Planted.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful andtouching entry. You made my day!!God is such a part of our well being.

Chaotic Mom said...

This was REALLY cool.

Nicole said...

Awesome post! We have not had to move nearly as much as you have but I know the feelings of having to start over...from finding a dentist to meeting the neighbors and building a new support system. Thank goodness God goes with us!

me said...

i grew up in the same city all my life, most of my family still lives there. my 2 older kids have moved 3 times now, although the youngest moved here when he was 1. every situation is what you make it. my kids looked at our moves as an adventure, and yeah the first day of school was tough, but it taught them tolerance and a little independence. it taught me too, some people can never imagine leaving their "home" and like you say...home is where you make it. good luck

Mega Mom said...

I would say "say it isn't so," but I know that my life will always be richer with you in it no matter where you are. I just won't be able to scare the beejezus out of you anymore :)