Friday, December 22, 2006

a day in my life, before 9 am

7 am- Me: ZZZzzzzzzzzz

7am- 15 year old:
"mom, can you take me to school?"

Me: (rolling over) whu...huh...em...ZZZzzzzzz....

15 yr old:
"MOMMY...CAN YOU TAKE ME TO SCHOOL, I need to stop at the store and get a grab bag gift on our way"

Me: "What?" "What time is it?" "When do we need to leave?" "Why are we going to the...wait ...why are we just now buying a gift?"
"How are you going to wrap it?"

!5 yr old: "I dunno" ..."We don't have to wrap it"

Me: "of course you have to's a gift" "WHat's open right now?"

15 year old: I'm just going to buy a 4 pk of energy drinks"

I roll out of bed, throw my jacket on over my pajama's ...(fearing in the back of my mind that What Not To Wear is filming me from afar) race up to the Mobile station...Thank God I had cash, he darts in and off we go. Racing to get there and back because my other 3 children are waiting at home to be driven to school. Daughter FREAKS if she's late.

As I pull into the high school...

cell phone rings...15 year old can't find it in my stops ringing....I reach back in and pull it right out ....missed call....from 14 year olds cell phone.

Me: (calling him back) Did you call?

14 year old: "Yeah, uh...I need to get some napkins from the store for our party at school today"

Me: "WHAT...Why am I just now hearing about this for the first time?"

14 year old: "Idunno?"

Me: (thinking to myself) I can just pull into the gas station on our way.

Me: "How many napkins are you suppose to bring?"

14 year old: "One of those big long packages"

Me: "UGH, that means we are going to have to go to the GROCERY STORE (out of our way) (good thing I have cash)

(the time is now 7:41 am)

He runs in and we wait in the car (im still in pj's) Daughter asks me to write her a note because she knows, we are never going to make it.

Me: "what am I suppose to write?"

Daughter: "That we're late because we had to go to the store"




Me: (I should have directed him to read the signs above the aisles to minimize time)

doors open....elderly man walks out.


Doors open ...FINALLY!

14 year old is walking towards me with a big pack of napkins and a small red balloon animal.

He gets in the car with a huge smile on his face...

14 year old: A man handed this to me on my way out"


14 year old: "No"

Time now is 7:57 am (tardy bell rings @ 8 am.

They get out and now I head towards the elementary.

I tell my 2nd grader that he needs to get out of the car and go inside (it's raining) He normally likes to wait in the car until the bell rings.

Me: The directv guy is suppose to be at out house at 8 o'clock so I gotta go because it is now 8:03.

8 year old: "Okay mommy, Bye...I love you"

After all of that...only my 8 year old said I love you. (and they wonder why he seems to get away with more)

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me said...

Glad to see you back, damn holidays suck all our time don't they? I now completely understand how the youngest gets spoiled. It is so nice to have someone who still appreciates me.