Monday, January 08, 2007

Here I am in the year 2007

My last post was Dec 22, 2006. Where did all of the days go? It seems that so much has happened and yet nothing comes to mind.

Christmas came and went.

New Years eve came packed with lots of friends and fun.

Friends who drove 3 hours just to bring in the new year with us. My heart felt warm! These are the families that we call family. The comfortable feelings you get when everything just clicks. Friends who just open a drawer to get a spoon or a cabinet for a glass. Friends who just start cooking or cleaning without a blink of an eye. No questions asked. Kids who are all completley fabulous. There is such a comfort in the fact that these children already know our rules, what is okay and not okay. The fact that no one fights argues and even better tattle tales. They were all childen ranging in age from 2 1/2 years old to 15 1/2 years old.
Lots of laughter, Life and Love. We embrace these special families with all that we can, and feel blessed to have them in our life.

We received a Christmas card from a friend we had a few moves back. It was like we had just spoken to reconnect via email. Catching each other up on the fact that our boys voices had changed, and were taller than we are now. Feeling that same connection with her even though our boys were in 2nd grade the last time we were around them. So many years pass and yet... a friend is always a friend.

My husband I married more than 17 years ago. We immediately moved to Tennessee after the honeymoom. We made some fabulous friends there as well. One couple in paticular, who have also since moved away. Years go by between conversations and yet somehow we always find a way to reconnect. The first time was when she told me her mother had passed, the next time was when my father passed away. Now, sadly enough I had to tell her my husbands father had died in November. The best part is that we literally picked up with the same teasing and jokes we left off with. As if time had stood still. It is just completley foreign to me that my children don't even know them. They were such a huge part of our lives when we lived there.

Reconnecting with old friends.

I have never had the opportunity to say, "oh, guess who I saw at the grocery store?" My brothers say that to me all the time because they still live in the same town that I grew up in. I don't even know if I would recognize old friends from the high school years without my yearbook in hand. But we have friends in many places because of our moves, some who we email, some we see when we visit and some that hold such a place in our heart that we can go years without communicating and still feel like time has stood still.


Julie said...

but really, you need to experience the whole, "you went to school with his parents? His aunt was my baby sitter? Ugh, do you guys know everybody?"

Mayberry said...

I love this about Christmas--catching up with people I don't hear from all year.

Also, it is totally my goal to run into you at the grocery store.