Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Emabarrassing moment # 548 (but who's counting)

As I am sitting at a first communion parent meeting at church for my 2nd grader, I look around the room.

There are about 10 round tables with 5-6 people at each, except mine. It's only me and another woman who also got lost finding our way around the church.(not something I am proud of.)

I look over to a table with 2 men and a woman.

(thoughts in my head)

"Who is that guy?"

"I know, I know him!"

"Does he have a wrestler at the high school?"

"Maybe at the jr. high...maybe he's one my my daughters friends dad!"

"No ....did he go on the field trip with me & my 2nd graders class?"

(I am not even listening to the sister because I am now in full swing tunnel vision)

"I am going to be really embarrassed if he's a neighbor."


"Who is he, I almost feel as if I have had a conversation with him"

Then I refocus on what the sister is about to say...

"We would all like to welcome the Father, who is here on his day off, to speak to all of you about your childs first communion!"


I am so ashamed!!!

"How could I not realize it was our priest?"

He was in Dockers, a plaid shirt, and a khaki jacket.


embarrassing moment #548

It's not as if we have a mutitude of priests, (like most churches I've been to)
We have one!!!!

I only told my eldest, who I might add rolled his eyes, shook his head in disbelief, and then burst out laughing.

Oh yeah it was a proud moment for me.

My response...

I'm only human....there was NO COLLAR!!!!


Mayberry said...

LOL! At least you didn't say anything out loud. I think it was quite forgiveable not to recognize him without the collar (now the voice, you can't miss...)

me said...

Umm embarassing? I dropped an f bomb talking to our priest at one of my oldest's football games this year. He laughed, but I feel like he's been waiting for me at confession ever since.