Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Who in the H-E- double hockey sticks stencils dragonflies in their powder room??

Here's the thing...Two of my very very good friends...who I would say know me very well, were two of the women who came to visit for New Years.

While here, and while using our powder room, they noticed the "DRAGONFLIES" that were stenciled on the wall. (yes, I said "dragonflies" stenciled on the wall) They had the audacity to assume that this was something that "crafty little 'ol me" had done!

Needless to say I was


I am normally my worst critic when it comes to anything artistic that I do.

However...DRAGONFLIES??? ME????

I was shocked that I THOUGHT that they knew me better than that?

Is this the impression that I am giving?


The plus is, that it made me paint the room!

Nothing fancy..but I wanted to clink someone's glass when I painted over the "dragonflies" stencil.

And what's that saying about, you should NEVER assume because it makes an "ASS out of U and ME???

Just kidding honey' made me get rid of the flying critters!!!!


movin'mom said...

before you say it...I see that perhaps I could benefit from a second layer of paint on the ceiling....

but at least there are no flying creatures on the wall!

tess said...

Now that is your taste. I love what you did. Cute curtain.

me said...

Could be way worse, my dad bought a home last summer and every bathroom had huge, dark IVY stenciled along every wall. ick, you felt like dragonflies were going to come screaming out at you.