Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Chocolate Mice

I know that most adults do not like chocolate covered cherries. Cherries from the produce dept. DA LISH!
After enjoying a pit spittin' bowl of fresh juicy cherries it is difficult to bite down on a maraschino cherry
that has that plastic coating type feel.

BUT... My kids love them. So every Valentines day I make them for the kids. This year, my 2nd grader is taking them to school on a platter of cheese and sausage. (we do live in Wisconsin)

You melt some chocolate, and then dip maraschino cherries WITH stem into chocolate. (don't dip the actual stem in it) (this is the body and the tail)

dab a little of the melted chocolate on the bottom of the Hershey kiss (this is the head) add two slivered almonds (the ears) lay cherry on side connecting the bottom to the head. like this

as you see in the picture, add pink gel icing for the eyes and nose. It's quite adorable!

And a little creepy! I made a hundred of them!


Nicole said...

Those are so cute! You are one hard working mom. You could open your own mouse factory..

All you need is the pied piper to lead them out of your house!

Mayberry said...

you're right. adorable alone -- kind of scary in a huge crowd (herd? litter? fleet? what do we call a group of mice?).

me said...

i think mayberry means meeses. lol how cute, i totally failed creativeness.

tess said...

I remember when you make those when you lived here in MI. Very cute!!