Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy half Birthday to my only girl (WCW down below)

I never knew half birthdays existed until my kids started school. Well technically my oldest, who's birthday is in the summer. The schools would let summer birthday kids celebrate (bring in a treat) on their half birthday. However since then, my other 3 which are in September have also acknowledged their own half birthdays. Moving around so much doesn't allow them to "get to know" many kids well enough by the month of September to have them over for a party. So we just started letting them take note of the day!

Today is my daughters half-birthday.

(She is 4 years old here which is a 1/3 of what she will be in 6 months)
(this is how you speak after being around 4 kids over a 15 1/2 year period)

She is 6 months away from getting to sit in the front seat of the car. This initially was causing me serious anxiety. The two older boys have fought over that front seat for years. Adding a third party to that was more than I could imagine.Then one day a mutual friend of theirs suggested an idea of what her and her younger brother do. Even-odd days, but then she whispered to my 2nd born son to choose odd days. I didn't initially understand until the end of the month rolled around. Here's pretty much how it goes:

1st born- "GET OUT...It's MY day you sat here yesterday!"

2nd born- "Yes but yesterday was the 31st which is an odd day...TODAY is the 1st which is an odd day!" (smirking from ear to ear)

1st born- (realizes he's just been had by his younger brother) "AAAAAGGGGHHHHH....that's not fair!" (as he gets in the back seat)

There have been days where I just completely blow a gasket and and make EVERYONE sit in the back!
Calling shotgun just didn't was always getting out of hand and gave me a huge headache. So I announced this morning that they have 6 months to figure out a new system. My oldest proudly stated, "I get my drivers license in 4 months so it won't's between the two of them...I'm out of it."
I guess he assumes he will always be taking a separate car from his family. Then my 2nd born stated that he will just ride with his brother so he will always have front seat. Well, at least I will finally get my radio back. Station surfing back and forth drives me crazy.

This morning I brought Movin' dad up to speed on all of this

Movin' dad responds with,"I let her ride in the front sometimes!"

Me- "Yes I know she tells me that all. of. the. time."
I told her that I don't let her and her younger brother ride in the front because I love them soo much, I don't EVER want anything to happen to them!"

Movin' dad: " are you saying that I don't love them?"

Me- "Interpret it however you want!"

It's a double post day ...don't forget WCW down below!


tommiea said...

Happy half birthday!

We just did this while husband was home on R&R. Who doesn't love to have a party and cake?
I played.

Arlene said...

SOOOO sounds like a convo I'd have with hunny :-)
I say you relegate all the kids with the oldest and give him the car :-) Then peace and quiet for you!! Hahaha

Mayberry said...

What a sweet picture! Happy half b-day G!

Anonymous said...

Tell Daughter "Happy Half-Birthday" from her fifth grade teacher! Hope all is well!